Mt Olive Miniature Goats

Past Breeding - 2020 Kids

Born August 17th, 2020

Cherry & Slate

 Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Bred - Mar 17 2020;     Due - Aug 17 2020


Sire - Angels & Outlaws TBSP Slate

S Sire - Terra Bella ST Stag Patronus

S Dam - McClellan's Bella Nova Hazel

Dam - Prima Acres BC Charity

D Sire - Antiquity CRBH Bearcat (*B)

D Dam - Prima Acres PassionateMarianne

Prima Acres BC Charity (Cherry) 

Angels & Outlaws TBSP Slate (Slate)

Cherry & Slate's 2020 Babies!

Sweet Magnolia Cherry Bomb

Cha-Cha (SOLD)

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Doeling

DOB - Aug 14, 2020

Buckskin & White; Moonspotted, Brown Eyes

Sweet Magnolia Lil Black Dress 

Fancy (SOLD) 

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Doeling

DOB - Aug 14, 2020

Solid Black, Brown Eyes

Born October 28th, 2020

Rummy & Haven

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Bred - Jun 05 2020;      Due - Oct 28 2020


Sire - Cedar View Haven

S Sire - Little Tots Estate Bambino (++*B)

S Dam - SGCH Cori's Fancy Dinah Belle (2*M)

Dam - Bucktopia BS Bacardi

D Sire - Farm Oldesouth SR Bama Shine (*B)

D Dam - Bucktopia AB JAS Hennessy

Bucktopia BS Bacardi (Rummy)

Cedar View Haven (Haven)

Rummy & Haven's 2020 Babies!

Mt Olive Frankenstein 

Frank (SOLD)

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Buckling

DOB -Oct 28, 2020

Dark Chocolate with single moonspot, Brown Eyes

Mt Olive Captain Morgan 

Captain (SOLD)

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Buckling

DOB -Oct 28, 2020

Chocolate with single quarter-sized spot on head, Brown Eyes

Born November 25th, 2020

Hera & Quinton

F3 Miniature LaMancha

Bred - Jul 03 2020;      Due - Nov 25 2020


Sire - TBL Quinton Quarantino

S Sire - 

S Dam - Manzanita AKA Effie

Dam - Enchanted Forest Hera Syndulla

D Sire - Gillispie's Z Zorro

D Dam - The Meggs Eliana

Enchanted Forest Hera Syndulla (Hera)

TBL Quinton Quarantino (Quin)

Hera & Rags' 2020 Baby!

Mt Olive Goddess Of Youth

Hebe (SOLD)

Mini LaMancha Doeling

DOB -Nov 25, 2020

Chamoisee with Full Belt; Gopher Ears

Born November 26th, 2020

Milky & Wayz

F1 Miniature LaMancha

Bred - Jul 04 2020;      Due - Nov 26 2020


Sire - Bannerfield Farm Milky Way

S Sire - Bannerfield Farm Harvest Moon

S Dam - Bannerfield Farm S'more Snow

Dam - TBL Milky Way Midnight

D Sire - GoGo's Poppin

D Dam - Gillispie's Almond Joy

TBL Milky Way Midnight (Milky)

Bannerfield Farm Milky Way (Wayz)

Milky & Wayz's 2020 Babies!

Mt Olive Outta The Stratosphere

Strat (SOLD)

F1 Mini LaMancha Buckling

DOB -Nov 26, 2020

Black and White with Moonspots; Elf Ears

Mt Olive Hit The Jackpot

Jackpot (PENDING)

F1 Mini LaMancha Buckling

DOB -Nov 26, 2020

Cou Clair; Elf Ears